Monday, February 10, 2014

Seland, Why Read Philo?

FORTHCOMING BOOK: Why Read Philo? And How! Handbook to Philo of Alexandria, Torrey Seland (Eerdmans).
Guidebook par excellence to a significant ancient Jewish scholar

A contemporary of both Jesus and the apostle Paul, Philo was a prolific Jewish theologian, philosopher, and politician — a fascinating, somewhat enigmatic figure — who lived his entire life in Alexandria, Egypt. His many books are important sources for our understanding of ancient Judaism, early Christianity, and the philosophical currents of that time.

Why Read Philo? And How! is an excellent introductory guide to Philo's work and significance. The contributors — all well-known experts on Philo of Alexandria — discuss Philo in context, offer methodological considerations (how best to study Philo), and explore Philo's ongoing relevance and value (why reading him is important). This practical volume will be an indispensable resource for anyone delving into Philo and his world.
Due out in the Autumn. Cross-file under "Asking the Important Questions."