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Albertz and Wöhrle (eds.), Between Cooperation and Hostility

Between Cooperation and Hostility
Multiple Identities in Ancient Judaism and the Interaction with Foreign Powers

Ed. Rainer Albertz and Jakob Wöhrle.

1. Auflage 2013
280 Seiten mit 16 Abb. gebunden
ISBN 978-3-525-55051-9
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Journal of Ancient Judaism. Supplements - Band 011
89,99 €

The question of why the cooperation of Jews with the Persian and Ptolemaic empires achieved some success and why it failed with regard to the Seleucids and the Romans, even turning into military hostility against them, has not been sufficiently answered. The present volume intends to show, from the perspectives of Hebrew Bible, Judaic, and Ancient History Studies, that the contrasting Jewish attitudes towards foreign powers were not only dependent on specific political circumstances. They were also interrelated with the emergence of multiple early Jewish identities, which all found a basis in the Torah, the prophets, or the psalms.