Thursday, September 04, 2014

Tarbiz 82.3

THE HEBREW JOURNAL TARBIZ has a new issue out (82.3). TOC in English translation:
The articles in this volume:

Aharon Shemesh and Moshe Halbertal - The Meʾun (Refusal): The Complex History of Halakhic Anomaly

Shulamit Elizur - The Early Scope of Parashat Sheqalim

Gideon Bohak - The Hidden Hekhalot: Towards Reconstructing an Unknown Hekhalot Composition from the Cairo Genizah

Avraham Grossman - The Impact of Rabbi Samuel of Spain and Reuel of Byzantium on Rashi’s School

Idit Einat-Nov - Uncertainty as a Poetic Principle: A Reading of Nəʾum Ašer Ben Yəhudah by Shlomo Ibn Ṣaqbel

English and Hebrew Abstracts