Saturday, February 20, 2016

Two nuns review "The Young Messiah"

AND YET ANOTHER JESUS MOVIE: Sr. Helena Burns Reviews: The Young Messiah (Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, Pursued by Truth Blog). This is a guest post by Sr. Burns, but Sr. Noble prefaces her own reviewlet. Excerpt from the latter:
When I went to see “The Young Messiah” I was skeptical. I tried to read Anne Rice’s book this movie is based on, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, and was not impressed with some of the theology based on the Gnostic, apocryphal Infancy Gospel of St. Thomas. But the movie changed the events I had found concerning, and kept the excellent writing and character development. This movie moved me, and got me thinking for days afterward.
I tried to read the book when it came out, but I just didn't find it very engaging and I didn't get very far in it. This even though I quite enjoyed Anne Rice's vampire novels.

Excerpt from Sr. Burns's review:
“The Young Messiah” is the best Jesus movie ever. Based on Anne Rice’s historical novel, “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt,” it combines the latest and best in filmmaking, the dramatic arts, mature biblical scholarship, theology and imagination. It is biblically and theologically sound (always a tricky task when speaking about Jesus, but even more so the Child Jesus and his “human knowledge”–what did he/didn’t he allow himself to know in his humanity?) There has been some talk that “apocryphal writings” inspired some scenes. “Apocryphal” does not mean “Gnostic.” The apocryphal Proto-Evangelium of James was used by early Christians as devotional reading. But it’s not the Word of God.
Overall, both of them liked it. But Sr. Burns warns: "DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER. GIVES A BIT TOO MUCH AWAY!" Naturally, after that, I had to go and find the trailer. You can view it here.

I have lots of past posts on the publication of the book, for example, here. You can find others by running the search term "Anne Rice" through the search engine. I noted that the movie was coming here and here. Now that it's finally done, I'll have to see it.

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