Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Report on CSBS/CSPS conference (1) and review of Christian Oxyrhynchus

APOCRYPHICITY: 016 CSBS/CSPS Christian Apocrypha Report, Part 1 (Tony Burke).
But first I will report on the CSPS book review panel dedicated to Christian Oxyrhynchus: Texts, Documents, and Sources (Second through Fourth Centuries) by Lincoln Blumell and Thomas A. Wayment. I was asked to offer a response/review of the book and I was pleased to do so given that so much of our early Christian Apocrypha manuscripts come from Oxyrhynchus. I have reproduced my response below. The authors were present at the session and they, in turn, responded to me. So, keep reading to see what they had to say about my comments.
Past posts on the reviewed book are here and here. Cross-file under New Testament Apocrypha Watch.