Thursday, September 27, 2007

SECOND ENOCH GRADUATE SEMINAR (JUNE 16-18, 2008) - Gabriele Boccaccini e-mails:
Dear Members and Friends of the Enoch Seminar:

The Second Enoch Graduate Seminar will be held at Princeton (June 16-18, 2008) [please, notice the change of date]. The conference is organized by Princeton Theological Seminary in collaboration with Princeton University. Chairs: Prof. James Charlesworth, Martha Himmelfarb, and Gabriele Boccaccini; secr. Prof. Shane Berg).

Graduate students, PhD candidates and post-doc researches are invited to apply.

Abstracts, not to exceed two (2) pages, should be submitted that relate to any aspect of Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins. Preference will be given to topics that cross the border lines of established literary and religious canons. Twenty four (24) papers will be selected for discussion at Princeton, and eight (8) among them for publication in the Journals Henoch and JSP.

Send abstract to Prof. Shane Berg

Please, invite your students and... spread the news !

Gabriele Boccaccini