Tuesday, January 13, 2004

MORE ON THE ANCHOR FROM THE DEAD SEA in the Scotsman (via Archaeologica News):

Could Dead Sea Anchor Be from Herod's Royal Yacht?

An Israeli archaeologist has discovered what he says is a unique Roman-era wooden anchor on the shores of the Dead Sea, preserved by the water�s high salt and mineral content.

Archaeologist Gideon Hadas said he would like to believe � but has no proof � that the anchor came from a royal yacht of biblical King Herod who ruled Judea at the time of Jesus� birth and had a palace on nearby Mount Masada.


Hadas said that while there is no record of Herod having a boat, it is recorded that in his old age he would travel from Masada to hot springs on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea for treatments.

�It is unlikely the ailing king travelled all the way around through the harsh desert by donkey,� Hadas said. �He would probably have gone by boat.�


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