Friday, February 13, 2004

A VOLUME OF ESSAYS from the Anthropology and Biblical Studies Conference, which was held here at St. Mary's College last July, is scheduled for release in the spring. The complete version of my paper "Ritual in the Jewish Pseudepigrapha" is included. (Thanks to Louise Lawrence for the heads up.)

Anthropology and Biblical Studies

Edited by: M Aguilar, L Lawrence

Presents the findings of an international research symposium, held at St Andrews University, Scotland, in July 2003. Contributors include both biblical scholars and anthropologists. The essays presented variously explore and review interdisciplinary links, innovations and developments between anthropology and biblical studies in reference to interpretation of both the OT and NT and pseudepigraphal works. Explored are methodological issues, the use of anthropological concepts in biblical studies (identity; purity boundaries; virtuoso religion; spiritual experience; sacred space) and more 'field orientated' work of bible translators in different cultures.

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