Friday, July 14, 2006

THE CONFLICT OVER THOSE IRANIAN CUNEIFORM TABLETS is covered briefly by the Times of London:
Bomb victims want ancient tablets sold
From James Bone in New York
A SET of ancient Persian tablets is at the centre of a tug-of-war between Iran and the American victims of a suicide bombing.

The five victims want to force the sale of the 2,500- year-old clay tablets, which have been on loan to Chicago University since 1939, as compensation for Iran’s role in the 1997 attack in Jerusalem.

Oddly, the Google News headline for the article is "Terrorist victims demand sale of ancient alphabet." Maybe someone told the Times that cuneiform texts are not alphabetic and they changed the headline. If so, I give them points for catching and correcting the error. [UPDATE (15 July): Actually, the header at the very top of the article's web page still has the inaccurate title. Careless.]

Also, Chuck Jones has e-mailed this link for more information on the Persepolis tablets.

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