Wednesday, August 30, 2006

THE JOURNAL OF SEMITIC STUDIES has a new issue out (51.2, Autumn 2006). Here's the table of contents (articles only):
George Athas
Setting the Record Straight: What are we Making of the Tel Dan Inscription?
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 241-256; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl001

Arne A. Ambros and Michael Jursa
No Flight of Peace, No Lover of Wisdom? A Reconsideration of Two Phrases in Phoenician and Punic
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 257-265; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl002

David F. Graf and Salah Said
New Nabataean Funerary Inscriptions from Umm al-Jimal
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 267-303; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl003

Adil Hamil Al-Jadir
A New Inscription from Hatra
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 305-311; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl004
John F. Healey
A New Syriac Mosaic Inscription
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 313-327; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl005

Na'ama Pat-El
Syntactical Aspects of Negation in Syriac
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 329-348; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl006

Diana Dressel
Intisar al-Fadila aw Hadithat al-Ibna al-Isra'iliyya as an Adaptation of Nathan der Weise
J Semitic Studies 2006 51: 349-371; doi:10.1093/jss/fgl007
There are lots of interesting book reviews too.

Requires a paid personal or institutional subscription to access.

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