Thursday, October 18, 2007

From David Marcus
Announcement, October 17, 2007


The editors of JANES are very pleased to announce that, thanks to the assistance of the Library and the Dean of Academic Affairs, all of JANES articles have been scanned and are available for viewing, searching, and downloading in PDF format on the Web site of the Jewish Theological Seminary at the following link:

JANES, the Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society, was founded in 1968 at Columbia University, and has been housed at the Jewish Theological Seminary since 1982. Over these approximately forty years 30 volumes have been published under the editorship of JTS professors Ed Greenstein and David Marcus.

The volumes include approximately three hundred and fifty articles written by over two hundred scholars and students from all over the world. The impressive array of scholars that have contributed articles to these volumes includes well-known names such as G. R. Driver, H. L. Ginsberg, Jonas Greenfield, William Hallo, Thorkild Jacobsen, Jacob Milgrom, A. L. Oppenheim, to mention but a few. Over the years there have been five special issues celebrating JTS and Columbia scholars Elias Bickermann, Meir Bravmann, Theodor Gaster, Moshe Held, and Yohanan Muffs.

Articles have been written on all aspects of the Bible and Ancient Near East covering areas such as art history, archaeology, anthropology, language, linguistics, philology, and religion. There are articles on Assyriology, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Hittite, and all areas of Hebrew and Aramaic and on almost every book of the Bible.

The range of topics is extremely varied and suits a variety of tastes. For example there are articles on:

Rhetorical Features in Sumerian, Akkadian and Biblical Literature

Lions on Assyrian Wall Reliefs

The Worlds First Museums

Assyrian carpets

The Invention of Chess and Backgammon

Animal Domestication

Humor and Cuneiform Literature

Breast-feeding Practices in Biblical Israel

The Urim and Thummim

Juvenile Delinquency in the Bible and the Ancient Near East

Illustrative of the scope of JANES is the contents of the current issue (volume 30):

Pierre Auffret, Dijon France, "C`est l`homme droit que regardera sa face: Etude structurelle du Psaume 11"

Walter R. Bodine, Yale University, "YBC 6996: A Name List from a Mesopotamian School"

John A. Cook, Winona Lake, IN, "The Finite Verbal Forms in Biblical Hebrew Do Express Aspect"

Wayne Horowitz, Hebrew University, "A Late Babylonian Tablet with Concentric Circles from the University Museum (CBS 1766)"

Yigal Levin, The College of Judea and Samaria and Bar-Ilan University, "Numbers 34:2-12, The Boundaries of the Land of Canaan, and the Empire of Necho"

T. Oshima, University of Bucharest, "Marduk, the Canal Digger"

Diane M. Sharon, New York, "Echoes of Gideon`s Ephod: An Intertextual Reading"

Nili Shupak, University of Haifa, "A Fresh Look at the Dreams of the Officials and of Pharaoh in the Story of Joseph (Genesis 40-41) in the Light of Egyptian Dreams."

Information about subscribing to the print version of JANES may also be found at:
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