Thursday, February 21, 2008

BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY REVIEW has put the full text of it's current issue (March/April 2008) online. TOC:

Fit for a Queen: Jezebel's Royal Seal
Does the seal belong to the notorious wicked Phoenician queen Jezebel?
By Marjo C.A. Korpel

Emmaus: Where Christ Appeared
Excavators at Emmaus-Nicopolis believe they’ve got the right one
By Hershel Shanks

First Publication: A Newly Discovered House Shrine
A Temple Built for Two
Intriguing evidence suggests Yahweh shared a throne with Asherah
By William G. Dever

Dissecting the Qumran-Essene Hypothesis
Magnifying glass on the Scroll scholars
By Edna Ullmann-Margalit

First Person
In Defense of Eilat Mazar

Queries & Comments
It Ain’t Easy
Trip of a Lifetime
Schoolyard Bully

Biblical Views
Should Palm Sunday Be Celebrated in the Fall?
By Bruce Chilton

Archaeological Views
Save Endangered Landscapes
By Shimon Gibson

Another View
Why Isn’t King Solomon Just a “Dirty Old Man”?
By James Kugel

Another View
Don’t Be So Quick to be Disappointed, David Ussishkin
By Norma Franklin

Past Perfect
An English Newsgirl in Palestine

Neolithic by Susan Foster McCarter
The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East by Alan H. Simmons
Mary Magdalene Understood by Jane Schaberg with Melanie Johnson-Debaufre


Scroll Editor Strugnell Dies
Troubled former editor-in-chief dies at 77

$57 Million for BAR WorldWide

The Bible in the News
Apocrypha Now

By Leonard J. Greenspoon

Exclusive New Photos of Ancient Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate

Call for ASOR Papers
$10,000 prizes offered

Scholars Face Off Over Antiquities
Are unprovenanced artifacts worth studying?

In Their Own Words
Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek
By Mendel Kaplan

What Is It?

Dick Steffy (1924–2007)
Larry Toombs (1919–2007)

How Many?

In History

Special Collections
Picturing Jerusalem; Medieval and Renaissance Treasures; and Excavating Egypt

Cartoon Caption Contest