Thursday, September 18, 2008

The European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS) is running a quite extensive service for graduate students in Biblical Studies, including an internet forum together with special graduate paper sessions, business meeting and social events at its annual conference. It offers two annual scholarships to students to attend the annual meeting. It is not necessary to become an EABS member to join the forum, only to participate in the conference events.

The EABS is very keen to recruit new members to these various activities, and those interested need only to go to the EABS website ( and click on the 'Students' button to find their way to the forum.

The 2009 meeting of the EABS will be held jointly with the British and Dutch/Belgian Societies for Old Testament Study in Lincoln, July 26th-29th and partly because of the strong OT element wishes to bring as many NT scholars and students as possible. It is also looking for new research topics for conference sessions.
From James Crossley via Louise Lawrence on the BNTS list.