Thursday, December 18, 2008

DOROTHY KING shares her The 10 Greatest Archaeology Movies Ever list with us. I haven't seen all of them, but of those I have seen I would put Raiders at the top of the list. And I would put The Mummy and The Mummy Returns in the top ten as well. (Mummy 3 was dire and should never have seen the light of day, so to speak.) As for The Body, I liked the book better than the movie, although the book was cheesier. Maybe that's why, but the book did have (comparatively!) more and better archaeology and history. If the execrable fourth Indiana Jones movie belongs in the also-rans (I would take it out), then I suppose The Da Vinci Code movie does too. I briefly reviewed Indy 4 here and was much too nice to it. I really tried to like it, but upon reflection, one star. My review of Da Vinci is here (and of the book here).

Dorothy's #4 sounds promising and I hope someday she'll lend me the DVD.