Friday, September 10, 2010

Tacky Temple Mount repairs

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Hershel Shanks complains in BAR of tacky repairs to the wall of the Temple Mount platform:
First Person: Temple Mount Repairs Leave Eyesores

By Hershel Shanks

Two unsightly scaffolds hang from the walls of the Temple Mount, one on the southern wall and a second on the eastern wall. The question is whether they will be there forever.


The Jordanians have now completed their work and have long gone home. But they have left a scaffold hanging at the top of the southern wall and another at the eastern wall. No one knows when they will be taken down—if ever.
Both archaeologists and tourists say that the Jordanians have done a terrible job. The Jordanians may have reinforced the walls, but the unsightly appearance of the new sections of wall, where the bulges had been, is entirely out of keeping with the ancient ashlars. No effort was made to blend in the new wall sections with the old walls. The new sections bear all the marks—color, smooth surface and size—of new work. Perhaps the hanging scaffolds are justified as conforming to the ugliness of the new sections of wall. They’ve been there now for several years. How much longer
There's a picture of the repaired area and it does look ugly. I have noted the story of the bulge in the Temple Mount wall and its repair from time to time, including here, here, and here.