Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tear dow the Mughrabi Gate bridge

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: More controversy over the Mughrabi (Mugrabi) Gate bridge.
City: Destroy Mughrabi Gate within two weeks

By MELANIE LIDMAN (Jerusalem Post)
05/24/2011 07:51

Engineer says it was never meant for permanent use; lawyer insists no reason to hurry before court date.

The Jerusalem City Engineer sent a strongly worded letter to the Western Wall Heritage Fund on Sunday, stating that the temporary bridge to the Mughrabi Gate must be destroyed within two weeks, or the city will tear it down.

Since 2004, the covered ramp has been used as the main entry point for non-Muslim tourists to enter the Temple Mount from the Western Wall plaza, as well as for security forces entering the area in times of unrest.

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