Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adopt a Dead Sea Scroll

The Dead Sea Scrolls are put up for adoption for just £1,200 a PAGE

By Mail On Sunday Reporter

Last updated at 11:24 PM on 30th July 2011

They are among the most famous pieces of writing in the world – and for £1,200, you can adopt a page.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave in Qumran on the West Bank in 1947, and have spawned countless books and theories about early Christians and the life of Jesus.

The Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority is offering the scrolls up for adoption. There are 15,000 fragments and it costs upwards of £1,200 to have one as your own.

A dedication plaque with the name of a fragment’s ‘parent’ will be displayed with it when it is exhibited.

The object seems to be to raise conservation money for the Scrolls. This seems like a good idea and I hope they make a lot. The article is substantially accurate, although the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in eleven caves, not one. If we count the other Judean Desert scrolls, still more caves were involved.