Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sad News: Helmer Ringgren

THIS JUST IN from Viv Rowett, SOTS membership secretary:
I have had news from Prof. Bertil Albrektson of the death of the Society´s oldest Honorary Member, Professor Helmer Ringgren, Uppsala (elected 1973).

"He died on Monday, 26th March, at 94 years of age. The chief mourners are his three daughters and their families.

His last years were made difficult by serious eye trouble, which prevented him from reading, and he also suffered from leg problems, making him fairly immobile; he was not often seen outside his home.

He got his doctorate at Uppsala in 1947 and was a pupil of Geo Widengren, professor of Comparative Religion, and of the famous semitist H. S. Nyberg. He had held chairs both in Comparative Religion (Åbo, Finland, 1962-64), and in Old Testament Exegetics (Evanston, 1960-62; Uppsala 1964-83).

The funeral service will be held at Helga Trefaldighets kyrka (Holy Trinity church) in Uppsala 11th April at 3 p.m."
The Wikipedia article on Professor Ringgren (not yet updated with death date at this moment) is here. Requiescat in pace.