Sunday, July 21, 2013

7th Enoch Seminar

I'M OFF TO ITALY to attend the Seventh Enoch Seminar in Camaldoli and then for a bit of a holiday in Rome. As usual, I have pre-posted something for each day I am away and will blog as time and internet connections permit during the trip.

I am not going to give you my entire seminar handout, which summarizes a lot of work that I may publish in due course. But here is the first part, which gives you an outline of where I wish to take the discussion.

1. Texts for Discussion
We will look closely at the following texts from the Synoptic Gospels with a view toward deciding whether they have been influenced by or (regardless of direct influence) they are illuminated by the traditions in 1 Enoch. Please read them and think about them in advance of the seminar.
  • The Gerasene demoniac (Gadarene demoniacs)
    Mk 5:1-20 (//Matt 8:28-34; Luke 8:26-39)
  • Angels and marriage
    Mk 12:18-27 esp. v. 25 (//Mt 22:23-33, esp. v. 30; Luke 20:27-40, esp. vv. 34-36)
  • The eschatological punishment of angels
    Matt 25:31-46, esp. v. 41(M) (cf. Matt 13:36-43, esp. 41-42 [M])
  • Satan falls like lightning from heaven
    Luke 10:17-20 (L)
  • The process of possession
    Matt 12:43-45//Luke 11:24-26 (Q)
  • The (arch)angel Gabriel
    Luke 1:5-38
Any texts from 1 Enoch are fair game to bring into the discussion, but the following may be of particular interest.
  • The fall of the watchers: BW 6:1-8:4; 15:2-7; 16:2-3; 19:1
  • The spirits of the giants: BW 10:9-10, 15; 15:8-9, 11-12; 16:1
  • Satan: Par 53:3; 54:6
  • The punishment of the watchers: Par 46:1-6; 48:10; 54:3-6; 55:4; 56:1-4
  • The (arch)angel Gabriel: BW 9:1; 10:9-10; 20:7; 32:5-6; Par 40:2, 6, 9; 54:6; 71:8-9, 13; EDV 88:1-3; 87:2-4; 90:21
*Abbreviations: BW: The Book of the Watchers, 1 Enoch 1-36; Par: The Book of Parables, 1 Enoch 37-71; BL: The Book of the Luminaries, 1 Enoch 72-82; EDV: Enoch's Dream Visions, 1 Enoch 83-90; EE: The Epistle of Enoch, 1 Enoch 92:1-5, 93:11-105:2; AW: The Apocalypse of Weeks, 1 Enoch 93:1-10, 91:11-17; BN: The Birth of Noah, 1 Enoch 106-107; FBN: A Final Book by Enoch, 1 Enoch 108. There are no references to angels or evil spirits in A Narrative Bridge, 1 Enoch 91:1-10, 18-19. M stands for special Matthew material and L for special Luke material.