Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Biblical Studies Online"

NEW WEBSITE: Biblical Studies Online. Created by Sheffield blogger James Crossley and Antipodean giant-hunter Deane Galbraith. HT Mark Goodacre. Looks like a great site, but the lack of a "Pseudepigrapha" listing in the sidebar needs to be remedied.

UPDATE (22 January). Two things. First, the dead link has been fixed. Sorry about that. Second, Deane Galbraith e-mails:
I have just added an online pseudepigrapha site to Biblical Studies Online. The sidebar won't list a separate pseudepigrapha category, because we're avoiding (as far as one can) the canonical/non-canonical distinction. Instead, ancient Jewish and Christian literature (itself a problematic distinction, as you well know) is listed under each genre - whether canonical or non-canonical.