Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dobroruka, Second Temple Pseudepigraphy

Vicente Dobroruka, Second Temple Pseudepigraphy: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Apocalyptic Texts and Related Jewish Literature (Ekstasis 4; De Gruyter, 2014)

At this point of the scholarly debate on the nature of Second Temple pseudepigraphy, one may ask why another look at the problem is needed. This book is not the definitive answer to that problem but it proposes different paths - or better still, a two-fold path: on one hand to understand Second Temple pseudepigraphy as a mystical experience and on the other, for lack of a suitable ancient example, to compare it to modern-day automatic writing.
A review copy for Reviews of the Enoch Seminar.

Noted earlier here. I have some related thoughts in my 2006 SBL paper "Scripture" as Prophetically Revealed Writings.