Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Archaeological sites to see in Israel

ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN ISRAEL WORTH VISITING are the subject of two recent articles. First:

Israel’s Top Archaeological Sites ( A top-ten list containing many of the usual suspects. No doubt other slightly different top-tens are possible, but all of these are indeed worth seeing.

Time travel: 10 Israeli archeological sites you should visit this summer. From ancient ruin to medieval forts, these sites are full of history and breathtaking views (Yeruham Kantman, YnetNews).
A 2,000 year-old mikveh, discovered recently during construction work done on a new children's playground in Jerusalem, gave us a rare peek into the Second Temple era (1st century AD). But the many archeological sites scattered around Israel aren't just the purview of historians and archeologists – they hide within them a chance for the public at large to explore the past and get a glimpse of what life was like in the land of Israel hundreds, and even thousands, of years ago.

The guides at Keshet Yonatan, a center dedicated to educating the public about historical travel in Israel, in cooperation with the Eshkolot forum, have gathered a list of archeological sites open to the public. Family, groups, and individuals can all take trips to these sites.

This is a more creative list and most people will not be familiar with many of the sites, but they all sound interesting.

Oh, and more on that recently discovered mikveh is here and links.