Monday, February 19, 2018

Assyrian inscriptions under Jonah's (traditional) Tomb

ASSYRIOLOGY: Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb, An Archaeological Surprise (Owen Jarus, Live Science).
Deep inside looters' tunnels dug beneath the Tomb of Jonah in the ancient Iraq city of Nineveh, archaeologists have uncovered 2,700-year-old inscriptions that describe the rule of an Assyrian king named Esarhaddon.

The seven inscriptions were discovered in four tunnels beneath the biblical prophet's tomb, which is a shrine that's sacred to both Christians and Muslims. The shrine was blown up by the Islamic State group (also called ISIS or Daesh) during its occupation of Nineveh from June 2014 until January 2017.

Past posts on the (traditional) Tomb of Jonah and its sad fate under the regime of ISIS are here and links. This post noted the announcement of discovery of the Assyrian palace underneath the tomb. The current article gives new information on the inscriptions.

HT Joseph I. Lauer.

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