Saturday, December 03, 2022

Persian inscriptions at Persepolis

ANCIENT PERSIAN EPIGRAPHY: Magnificent ruins and clues about Persian script evolution (Tehran Times).
TEHRAN– Apart from matchless royal arts and architecture, the UNESCO-designated Persepolis, which was once the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550– 330 BC), holds treasured clues to the Persian writing and script as well.


This article has a good brief overview of the evidence, especially from Persepolis, for the Persian language, from Old Persian in cuneiform to the late-antique Middle Persian form called Pahlavi, written in a version of an Aramaic script.

For a recent post on a probably-Jewish graffiti inscription in the Aramaic language but written in the Pahlavi script, see here. I know; it gets complicated.

For many PaleoJudaica posts on Persepolis and its inscriptions, start here and follow the links.

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