Thursday, May 29, 2003


To my vast regret, I wasn't feeling well a couple of weeks ago and I had to miss our annual St. Mary's College end-of-the-year dinner for staff and students. A staff roast is traditional and the roaster this year was our lovely, talented, and erudite colleague Dr. Louise Lawrence, who presented a retelling of the Harry Potter story with the teaching staff of St. Mary's as characters and with yours truly cast as Harry Potter. Here's a quotation from her epic poem:
Harry Davila Potter went to Hogwart's School
and tried to earnestly follow every rule
No matter e'er written in Hebrew or Greek
Potter would chant it week by week
Along with his friends, though at times lost and vexed
He persevered with the prophets and read lots of old texts

I'd better not quote any more, so as not to immortalize the, uh, libel of colleagues. But it's a great work of art, all about the noble crusade of Harry to save those old texts from oblivion. Thanks Louise!

Harry Davila Potter and the Dead Sea Scrolls