Friday, August 15, 2003

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGY has a new article on archaeology in Jordan in 2002. Here's the abstract:

Archaeology in Jordan, 2002 Season

Stephen H. Savage, Kurt Zamora, and Donald R. Keller

The 10th season of excavations at the Petra Great Temple took place between 15 June and 3 August 2002. The Great Temple precinct is located in the center of Petra on the south side, fronting the Petra basin and the Colonnaded Street, a few meters east of the Temenos Gate of Qasr al-Bint. Most of the temple precinct has been excavated; however, certain areas, such as the propylaeum, and specific projects lying to the east and south of the temple, remain to be researched.

General Projects and Surveys
New Satellite Imagery and Digital Terrain Models of Jordan
Wadi Ziqlab Survey
Moab Archaeological Resource Survey
Wadi al-Koum Survey

Tell Johfiyeh
Tell Ya'amun
Jerash City Walls Project (JCWP)
Tell Zera'a
Tell el-Fukhar
Tell al-'Umayri
Tell Madaba
The Great Temple
The Small Temple
Petra: North Ridge Project
Petra: The Obodas Chapel
Jabal Har�n
The Roman Aqaba Project

The whole article is available as a PDF file on the same page, but the file takes up 9.9 megabytes, so I'm going to hold off downloading it myself until I can use the broadband connection in my office. I guess it must have lots of pretty pictures.

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