Friday, October 03, 2003

WHY ARE THERE SO FEW ARAMAIC TARGUMS AT QUMRAN? Just two Job targums (4Q157 and 11Q10) and perhaps one of Leviticus (4Q156) out of 800+ manuscripts. Randall Buth asked this question in "Where Is the Aramaic Bible at Qumran? Scripture Use in the Land of Israel" at the website, which article I mentioned here in June. I happened to look again at the site today (this wasn't part of my Google search) and I noticed that two more articles on the same subject have been posted. Jack Poirier has written "The Qumran Targum of Job as a Window into Second Temple Judaism: A Response to Randall Buth" and now Buth has replied in "More on the Absence of an Aramaic Bible at Qumran: A Response to Jack Poirier". Enjoy the debate.

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