Wednesday, November 12, 2003

THE JOURNAL OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES has a new issue out (54.2). Most of the articles don't seem to pertain directly to ancient Judaism (although it's a bit hard to tell sometimes: for some reason only the titles are given; no full texts yet). But one article (one of the two with even an abstract) looks interesting:

The 'Embarrassing Syntax' of Ps. 47:10: A (Pro)Vocative Option
Keith Bodner
pp. 570-575

Ps. 47:10 (v. 9 in many English translations) has perplexed commentators and proved elusive for translators. M. D. Goulder wryly describes the syntax of v. 10a as something of an 'embarrassment', no doubt because of the theological implications which arise. This short note surveys several opinions and argues that the impasse can be resolved if 10a-beta is translated as a vocative. This proposal has the advantage of preserving the MT and poetically coheres with the larger structure and drama of the psalm.

In addition there are many relevant book reviews:

Joachim Schaper : Priester und Leviten im ach�menidischen Juda. Studien zur Kult- und Sozialgeschichte Israels in persischer Zeit.
Reviewed by H. G. M. Williamson
pp. 615-620

John Kessler : The Book of Haggai. Prophecy and Society in Early Persian Yehud.
Reviewed by Janet E. Tollington
pp. 621-624

Gabriele Boccaccini : Roots of Rabbinic Judaism. An Intellectual History, from Ezekiel to Daniel.
Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe
pp. 629-630

Martin Hengel and Translated by Mark E. Biddle : The Septuagint as Christian Scripture. Its Prehistory and the Problem of its Canon.
Reviewed by Alison Salvesen
pp. 631-634

George W. E. Nickelsburg : 1 Enoch 1. A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch Chapters 1-36; 81-108.
Reviewed by Christopher Rowland
pp. 634-641

Paulson Pulikottil : Transmission of Biblical Texts in Qumran. The Case of the Large Isaiah Scroll 1QIsaa.
Reviewed by H. G. M. Williamson
pp. 641-646

Stephen J. Pfann Miscellanea. Part 1. By Philip Alexander et al : Qumran Cave 4. XXVI: Cryptic Texts.
Reviewed by Jonathan Campbell
pp. 646-647

Timothy H. Lim et al , ed. The Dead Sea Scrolls in their Historical Context.
Reviewed by Jonathan Campbell
pp. 647-649

Gershon Brin : The Concept of Time in the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Reviewed by Daniel K. Falk
pp. 649-652

Stefan Enste : Kein Markustext in Qumran: Eine Untersuchung der These: Qumran Fragment 7Q5 = Mk 6, 52-53.
Reviewed by Peter M. Head
pp. 652-654

Ingrid Hjelm : The Samaritans and Early Judaism: A Literary Analysis.
Reviewed by S. J. K. Pearce
pp. 654-656

Anders Runesson : The Origins of the Synagogue. A Socio-Historical Study.
Reviewed by Stefan C. Reif
pp. 656-659

Lutz Doering : Schabbat. Sabbathalacha und -praxis im antiken Judentum and Urchristentum.
Reviewed by William Horbury
pp. 659-661

David T. Runia : Philo of Alexandria. On the Creation of the Cosmos according to Moses. Introduction, Translation and Commentary.
Reviewed by Jutta Leonhardt-Balzer
pp. 661-663

Eric Eve : The Jewish Context of Jesus' Miracles.
Reviewed by A. E. Harvey
pp. 664-665

Steven M. Bryan : Jesus and Israel's Traditions of Judgement and Restoration.
Reviewed by Hanna Stettler
pp. 665-669

Martin Hengel and Anna Maria Schwemer : Der messianische Anspruch Jesu und die Anf�nge der Christologie. Vier Studien.
Reviewed by Larry W. Hurtado
pp. 669-673

Paul Copan and Craig A. Evans , ed. Who Was Jesus? A Jewish-Christian Dialogue.
Reviewed by M. Bockmuehl
pp. 673-675

Maurice Casey : An Aramaic Approach to Q. Sources for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.
Reviewed by C. M. Tuckett
pp. 681-686

Michael Lattke : Oden Salomos. Text, �bersetzung, Kommentar. Teil 2. Oden 15-28.
Reviewed by Alison Salvesen
p. 760

Isaac Kalimi : Early Jewish Exegesis and Theological Controversy. Studies in Scriptures in the Shadow of Internal and External Controversies.
Reviewed by Edward Kessler
pp. 760-762

Ed Noort and Eibert J. C. Tigchelaar : The Sacrifice of Isaac. The Aqedah (Genesis 22) and Its Interpretations.
Reviewed by Edward Kessler
pp. 763-764

Huub van de Sandt and David Flusser : The Didache. Its Jewish Sources and its Place in Early Judaism and Christianity.
Reviewed by Stuart G. Hall
pp. 773-776

Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley : The Mandaeans. Ancient Texts and Modern People.
Reviewed by R. McL. Wilson
pp. 776-777

Short Notice
James Charlesworth : Miscellaneous Texts from the Judaean Desert
Reviewed by Timothy H. Lim
pp. 874-875

Short Notice
Christopher Rowland : Christian Origins. The Setting and Character of the Most Important Messianic Sect of Judaism
Reviewed by Judith Lieu
pp. 875-876

Access to the full texts of the articles and reviews, assuming they do post them, is by paid individual or institutional subscription only.

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