Wednesday, March 24, 2004

AL JAZEERAH is in top form with this one:
The Talmud, Racism, Hatred and Anti-Christism
By John Anast

Al-Jazeerah, March23 ,2004

The Talmud forms the religious training for Rabbis, observant and reformed Jews. Upon close examination is it clear that the Talmud not only supports racism and hatred, but is the source of hatred directed towards non-Jews.

American Christians need to reexamine their relationship with organized Jewry and insist that racist Talmudic teachings be removed from such offensive texts and that if necessary all Yeshiva's which teach and promote hatred and racism be closed in the United States and removed from US soil. Organized Jewry seems to feel that certain Islamic schools need to be addressed all over the world. It is therefore only fitting that Yeshiva's and its faculty and students in the United States be made to conform to the Christian doctrine of love and mutual respect.

It was Christ who pointed out that Phariseeism / Talmudism / Judaism is a religion based upon the instructions of men. Basically the Pharisee appointed themselves g-ds and taught and ruled as if they were man-g-ds. Several Talmudic passages which speak to this point are clearly found in Tractate Mechilla whereas, it says: " Yahweh Himself studies the Talmud standing, He has such respect for that book. " How blasphemous that any man or group of men would not only accept that nonsense but teach it to others in religious doctrine? In another tractate Mizbeach 13 Judaism teaches that " There is nothing superior to the Holy Talmud ". Who made the Talmud "holy"? Is it Torah or Law? In other words the Talmud is the Jewish law and like Zionism it has replaced Torah as the instruction book on how to live. I am sure that our Creator did not consult with any Rabbi or the Talmud before He created the universe. There is nothing superior to the Creator.

Not withstanding, the Talmudists place themselves not only above the Law but also disregard the Prophets of Yah as in Treatise Berachoth Judaism advises that " The words of the elders are better than the words of the prophets ". In contrast the New Testament which is made up mostly of Old Testament passages is a guide to the completion of the Law of our Creator. Christians believe Christ lived the Law in completion, without blemish, without flaw. I do not mean that Christ was a handsome fellow for certainly he was not. The basic tenant of Christianity is that our rescuer lived the Law and was without transgression therefore allowing His sacrifice to cover our transgressions. Christ was not a "revolutionary" or any other myriad of pejorative titles ascribed by men, he was and is a living example which example was and continues to be rejected by Judaism.

While the above are distinctions of religion and whereas reasonable men may differ in their opinions and beliefs the Talmud contains passages which are less academic and in fact form the basis of Talmudic hatred of all non-Jews. One of the most interesting passages in the Talmud is found in the book of Libbre David,37 , whereas, " To communicate to a Non-Jew about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all the Jews, for if the Non-Jews knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly." Christians and Muslims have to educate themselves to understand that Judaism is not only opposed to Christianity and Islam but teaches and advocates actions against all non-Jews including Christians -- as exemplified by the organized reaction of Jewry to the Mel Gibson film about the death of Christ.


The writer seems to have been gathering propaganda from various anti-Semitic sources. You can find lots of them on the Web, but I'm not going to link to them. This article cites nonexistent tractates like "Mechilla," "Mizbeach," "Iore Dea," and the "Libbre David," and nonexistent passages in actual works, whether in the Talmud or not. It has historical errors like the ones above about the contents of the New Testament and about the Talmud citing itself as "the Holy Talmud," and a comment later that there are no more Samaritans. There's lots of creative spelling and grammar too. I'm not a Talmudist and I don't have time to take up its claims one-by-one (the article is very long) but I hope Talmudists in the Blogosphere will give it a good going over. If you do comment on it, please drop me a note with the link address.

UPDATE (25 March): Reader Joe Slater e-mails regarding "Libbre David etc.":
Texts like these are interesting from an historical perspective, because they mutate so rapidly that it should (in theory at least) be possible to produce a family tree of anti-Jewish racism. Note the weird spellings which indicate to me that the alleged quotations have passed between several languages.

David Maddison from Australia has written and collected a huge amount on this. You can find his site here:

Briefly, the source document was an anti-Jewish libel composed by a Russian priest named Pranaitis(sp?). This text, written around 1898 and translated around 1939 as "The Talmud Exposed" is the origin of all these quotes.

Here's David Maddison's collected refutation of the libels. Note that it's much harder to respond to libels than create them - anyone can make stuff up, but you need time and access to a library if you want to demonstrate that they are false.

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