Wednesday, March 03, 2004

HERE IS HOW Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is being spun by the media in the United Arab Emirates:
Passion of Christ to hit theatres by mid-March (Khaleej Times)


Renowned Muslim scholar, Dr Ahmad Al Qubaisi, who saw the film Monday evening during a private screening, told Khaleej Times that the movie was "awful and depressing", two and a half hours of the worst torture imaginable poured on one man.

"As Muslims, we do not hold with the belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross. In the film Jesus suffers enough torture to die one hundred times over. When in the film he is shown to have died on the cross, the last words uttered by Jesus place the blame for his death on the Jews. Is it possible for God to torture and kill his own beloved prophet, when he saved Moses and Noah and the other prophets?" Dr Al Qubaisi wondered.

He said the film troubled him deeply and made him cry twice as he watched it. "The horror is that the people who witnessed the crucifixion in the film were happy with this torture, the Jewish religious leaders in the film were shown to be especially cruel and heartless. "I cried twice during the film even though I know it was not true, so how would a Christian, who believes in what was shown in the film, feel while watching it. I believe this film is evidence that the American people have grown to despise and hate the control that the Jews exert over their lives and over their political leaders. This film comes after the Pope officially absolved the Jews of the blood of Jesus Christ," Dr Al Qubaisi said.

He said he believes that the Western world are beginning to realise that the Jews are really aiming to destroy world peace and a strong anti-Jewish feeling is welling up in the West that could culminate in the Jewish people subjected to another wave of mass killings similar to what they suffered under Hitler.

"God said that the people of Israel will reach great heights before their fall. How can such a film be shown in America at a time when the Jews control America? The same thing happened in Germany, when Hitler started the holocaust the Jews had reached a pinnacle of power in Germany. This film is a turning point in the history of the Jews we will see unmatched hatred for the Jews culminating in their traditional end.


Not a good sign.

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