Thursday, June 03, 2004

Waqf expanding cemetery outside Temple Mount walls (Ha'aretz)
By Nadav Shragai and Arnon Regular

The Islamic Trust has been expanding the Muslim cemetery at the foot of the eastern wall of the Temple Mount south of Mercy Gate, and in recent months has stepped up the pace of preparing burial sites in the cemetery, including working at night.

The land is owned by the Waqf, but the area has been zoned as "green" not to be developed. Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski recently signed an administrative demolition order against the section of cemetery that has been expanded, but sources at City Hall said "the police refused to implement the order and prevented its execution."

Observers on the scene say the activities continue day and night, and that burials are taking place in the expanded cemetery area.


Doesn't sound like a good sign to me.

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