Friday, January 07, 2005

ROCHELLE ALTMAN'S BOOK ABSENT VOICES is reviewed on the ANE list (forthcoming also in the journal Maarav) by Peter T. Daniels. He doesn't like it: "Old English paleographers and medieval musicologists deserve better. Semitists can only cringe."

I haven't yet read the book myself, so I can't comment. But I'm sure that Altman will have a response.

UPDATE (8 January): Rochelle Altman responds here. Excerpt:
In-depth studies of each component require separate large volumes --
complete with tables, a data base with a minimum of one thousand
items, and statistical analyses in accordance with the appropriate
methodology. These volumes were planned to appear, one by one,
after the overview was published. Two of these volumes are in
preparation. If, when these strictly scholarly volumes are published,
the reviewer wishes to find fault, that is an entirely different matter.

So far both Daniels and Altman have responded again once. Just keep moving forward through the archive.

UPDATE: And moving, and moving. Lots of discussion in the archive and doubtless more to come.

UPDATE (2 February): More here.

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