Tuesday, February 22, 2005

BOOK REVIEW in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review:
Judith M. Lieu, Christian Identity in the Jewish and Graeco-Roman World. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Pp. x, 370. ISBN 0-19-926289-6. $99.00.

Reviewed by Tom Robinson, Religious Studies, The University of Lethbridge (robinson@uleth.ca)

Word count: 2066 words

Judith Lieu is one of the leading scholars in the field of Jewish and Christian identity in the Greco-Roman period, and this book is her latest contribution to the discussion. Those familiar with her work have come to expect a cautious, thorough and balanced analysis of the ancient literature and a firm grasp of the varied modern discussions of identity. That quality of scholarship marks the present work too. Although the primary focus is on Christian identity in the first two centuries, as suggested by the title, considerable attention is given to Jewish, as well as Greek and Roman perceptions of identity. The book will, without a doubt, become a key one in the discussion of early Christian identity, but its rich exploration into Jewish identity makes it a serious contribution to that field as well.


A thoughtful review about what sounds like an important book.

(Via Rogue Classicism.)

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