Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'M WAY BEHIND on noting new articles and journal issues and have intended to catch up when things quieted down. Well, perhaps this afternoon doesn't count as "quiet," but at least it's quiet where I am at the moment. So here are some recent publications.

Review of Jennifer M. Dines, The Septuagint. Edited by M. A. Knibb. Understanding the Bible and Its World. London & New York: T & T Clark, 2004. xvii + 196 pp. Paperback, $25.95. ISBN 0-567-08464 (by Richard S. Hess for the Denver Journal 8, 2005).

A recent issue of Dead Sea Discoveries which I thought I had already noted, but it seems I didn't get around to it. It's issue 12.1, 2005, devoted to the Dead Sea Scrolls and popular culture and edited by Maxine Grossman and Catherine Murphy.

Introduction: The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Popular Imagination
pp. 1-5(5)
Authors: Grossman Maxine L.; Murphy Catherine M.


Great Scott! the Dead Sea Scrolls, McGill University, and the Canadian Media
pp. 6-23(18)
Authors: du Toit Jaqueline S.; Kalman Jason

Inverting Reality: The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Popular Media
pp. 24-37(14)
Author: Schiffman Lawrence H.

The Scrolls in the British Media (1987�2002)
pp. 38-51(14)
Author: Brooke George J.

On the Fringe at the Center: Close Encounters between "Popular Culture" and the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
pp. 52-67(16)
Author: Clements Ruth

Mystery or History: The Dead Sea Scrolls as Pop Phenomenon
pp. 68-86(19)
Author: Grossman Maxine L.

The Dead Sea Scrolls in Popular Culture: "I can give you no idea of the Contents"
pp. 87-94(8)
Author: Mahan Jeffrey H.

Why the Papers Love the Scrolls
pp. 95-100(6)
Author: Silk Mark

Oh, yes, I did note it briefly over at Qumranica. But now you have it here too. Requires paid personal or institutional subscription to access.

There are two new issues of the Journal for the Study of Judaism to note:

JSJ 36.1 (2005)

The Letter of Aristeas: A New Exodus Story?
pp. 1-20(20)
Author: Hacham, Noah

Jewish Festal Names in Antiquity�A Neglected Area of Onomastic Research
pp. 21-40(20)
Author: Williams, Margaret H.

Nuancing Augustine's Hermeneutical Jew: Allegory and Actual Jews in the Bishop's Sermons
pp. 41-64(24)
Author: Harkins, Franklin T.

Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: A Review Article
pp. 65-83(19)
Author: Van Der Horst, Pieter W.

Review of Books

Review of Books
pp. 84-145(62)

JSJ 36.2 (2005)

Hellenistic Instruction in Palestine and Egypt: Ben Sira and Papyrus Insinger
pp. 147-172(26)
Author: Goff, Matthew J.

Tobit's Religious Universe Between Kinship Loyalty and the Law of Moses
pp. 173-196(24)
Authors: Fa�beck, Gabriele

Eine Reichsteilung Bei Josephus Flavius. Beobachtungen Zu Seiner Auffassung Von Daniel 5
pp. 197-205(9)
Authors: H�ffken, Peter

Ort Und Funktion Der Wolkenvision Und Ihrer Deutung in Der Syrischen Baruchapokalypse. Eine These Zu Deren Thematischer Entfaltung
pp. 206-246(41)
Author: Leuenberger, Martin

Review of Articles

Review of Articles
pp. 247-262(16)

Requires paid personal or institutional subscription to access.

That's enough for now. I'm going to go find out what's happening at St. Mary's and then see about some lunch.

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