Monday, June 20, 2005

UPDATE ON LATEST GOSPEL OF JUDAS ENTRY: The photo was of a codex of the Four Gospels, not the Gospel of Judas.

ANOTHER UPDATE (21 June): Matthew Hamilton e-mails:
1. check the Michel van Rijn website for photographs of the Gospel of Judas.
2. regarding the possibility of the Gospel of Judas being divided into parts or at least having stray leaves, the Gospel of Judas was apparently found with other MSS, including a codex of Exodus from the mid 4th century, with parts of the Exodus codex found in at least 4 collections.

I have noted Michael van Rijn's website on this subject earlier. And I'm about about to add an update to today's "Iraqi site looting" post with more from him (scroll up).

Also, go to Sunday's post on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Singapore for an update.

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