Monday, July 18, 2005

DEAD SEA DISCOVERIES has a new issue out (12.2, 2005). Here's the table of contents:

4QPseudo-Daniela–b (4Q243–4Q244) and the Book of Daniel
pp. 101-133(33)
Author: DiTommaso, Lorenzo

New Fragments from Qumran: 4QGenf, 4QIsab, 4Q226, 8QGen, and XQpapEnoch
pp. 134-157(24)
Authors: Eshel, Esther; Eshel, Hanan

Were the Priests all the Same? Qumranic Halakhah in Comparison with Sadducean Halakhah
pp. 158-188(31)
Author: Regev, Eyal

Gen 24:14 and Marital Law in 4Q271 3: Exegetical Aspects and Implications
pp. 189-204(16)
Author: Rothstein, David

Reconstructing and Reading 4Q416 2 ii 21: Comments on Menahem Kister's Proposal
pp. 205-211(7)
Author: Wold, Benjamin G.

Book Reviews

Also, I think I missed an earlier issue last year (11.3, 2004). Table of contents:

Reading Wisdom at Qumran: 4QInstruction and the Hodayot
pp. 263-288(26)
Author: Matthew J. Goff

More on the Qumran Roundel as an Equatorial Sundial
pp. 289-292(4)
Author: George M. Hollenback

Did John the Baptist Eat like a Former Essene? Locust-eating in the Ancient Near East and at Qumran
pp. 293-314(22)
Author: James A. Kelhoffer

Methodological Problems in Reconstructing History from Rule Texts Found at Qumran
pp. 315-335(21)
Author: Sarianna Metso

The Temple Scroll Courts Governed by Precise Times
pp. 336-358(23)
Author: Barbara Thiering

Reply to Dong-Hyuk Kim's Paper on "Tov's Qumran Orthography"
pp. 359-360(2)
Author: Emmanuel Tov

Books in Debate

Books in Debate
pp. 361-372(12)

Book Reviews

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