Sunday, August 28, 2005

THE IRANIANS seem to be getting in on Jewish-Temple denial, although the source is Palestinian. This article ("Upon Growing Judaization of AI-Qods,
Palestine' Chief Judge Urges Islamic Nations to Defend the Holy City
,) from the Iranian Quran News Agency, reports, inter alia, on a Friday sermon by Mohammed Hussein in the Al Aqsa Mosque. The relevant bit is:
As Al-Aqsa mosque is more endangered than ever before, Al-Aqsa preacher headed the attention that the Jewish extremists and settlers do not stop incitement against Al-Aqsa mosque and their overt calls to harm it and destroy it to build the alleged temple mount on its ruins.

This is pretty incoherent, but it seems to be trying to say that the Jewish extremists want to rebuild the "alleged" Temple on the Temple Mount.

More of the usual from the Palestinian Authority. I see now that Al Jazeerah and the PA's International Press Centre are carrying what must be the same press release.

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