Saturday, August 06, 2005

THE LUXOR COPTIC PAPYRI get a brief mention at the end of an EgyptToday article on King Tut's cause of death:
Tut is not the only archaeological find to have been in the news of late. A team from the Polish Center for Mediterranean Archaeology recently announced the discovery of a Coptic trove buried in the ruins of a sixth-century monastery.

The team unveiled two papyri books of Coptic writings, a set of parchments (text on sheep’s skin) placed between two wooden labels, Coptic ostraca, pottery fragments and textiles. The manuscripts were hidden beneath a Middle Kingdom tomb in Luxor.

The SCA [Supreme Council of Antiquities] believes Christians fearing Roman persecution may have hidden the texts. According to Hawass, scientists will restore the manuscripts in an effort to learn more about early Christianity.

Nothing much new in this, but it's good to hear that someone is working on them.

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