Friday, November 18, 2005

I'M HERE! In the Philadelphia Marriott, that is. Mark Goodacre will be pleased to hear that I'm blogging from my television screen, as I did a couple of years ago at another SBL meeting.

I got in last night and had a reasonable night's sleep and a nap this afternoon. Factoring in the coffee, I'm doing pretty well. I've spent most of the day shopping and am looking forward to the PSCO session (see several posts below) at 7:30.

By the way, I've lost my printout of the e-mai that told where the Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism dinner is tomorrow night. If anyone going there should happen to see this, would you please e-mail me with the info?

Bob Kraft just called to let me know that some of the PSCO people are going out for dinner, so I'd better post this and get downstairs.

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