Saturday, November 19, 2005

MY SBL PAPER is now available online:

"Enter the Bibliobloggers"

Details on when and where are included.


UPDATE (5:10 pm): This post was put up at 12:23 on the afternoon of Tuesday, 16 November, but I'll keep it at the top of the page until the presentation on Sunday.

Meanwhile Mark Goodacre has inquired how I intend to indicate the 125 or so hyperlinks in the paper during the oral presentation and I have replied in a comment.

I'm heading home in a few minutes. I'm off to Philadelphia early tomorrow morning and my Internet access may be spotty to nonexistent until Saturday, so blogging may be likewise. But I think there will be facilities available once the conference starts. I have a very busy schedule planned, but I'll try to check in now and again. Have a good week, and safe travel to all those heading to Philly in the next few days.

UPDATE (18 November): I've arrived and am starting to add new posts. As I said, I'll keep this one at the top until Sunday, so keep checking below for new ones.

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