Sunday, February 19, 2006

DAILY HEBREW BLOG: For some reason I seem not to have mentioned the Daily Hebrew Blog yet. This is a blog by H. H. Hardy which has been running since late October of 2005. Its purpose is as follows:
The goal of is to encourage daily reading of sacred Hebrew texts.


After devoting long hours to learning the basics of Hebrew grammar most students, pastors and teachers fail to continue reading the Hebrew Bible. Eventually, their knowledge atrophies for lack of use. The purpose of is to remedy this ubiquitous problem by providing the reader a manageable daily Hebrew reading (4-8 verses) along with lexical and syntactical assistance. is committed to helping students at all levels read biblical Hebrew. The blog is arranged so that a reader can spend a few minutes a day or week reading Hebrew texts. Beginners should start with the first verse or two of each translation, Intermediate learners should attempt the entire passage using the vocabulary listed by line (words which occur less than 50 times in the MT are listed in parentheses with their BDB reference page) and Advanced scholars will be able to translate using minimal vocabulary helps.

Typically, students spend the majority of their time memorizing vocabulary, reading grammars and studying paradigms. Though these pursuits are well intended and needed initially, one will not learn Hebrew until committing to a regular reading regiment. But, you say, 4-8 verses a day is not very much reading. Actually, averaging 8 verses a day one can read the entire Torah (~6000 verses) in only two years and the entire Hebrew Bible in ten years.

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