Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MUSSOLINI'S VILLA is now open to the public, according to the A.P. As noted before here, there are archaeological relics associated with its underground bunkers:
The bunker was dug 23 feet deep, burying a 10-foot-thick concrete box with bare cylindrical corridors and multiple escape routes.

While restoring the chamber, archeologists discovered it was built over a second-century Christian tomb, in which they found three bodies. The area was a common burial ground in Roman times, housing mainly the sprawling underground corridors of one of six Jewish catacombs in the city.


Future plans for Villa Torlonia's grounds include opening the ancient Jewish catacombs and building a museum dedicated to Holocaust victims right across from Mussolini's residence.
This is the first I can recall hearing about a second-century Christian tomb at the site.

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