Friday, June 30, 2006

BLOG WATCH: Some recent blog posts of PaleoJudaic interest:

With Doctor Seussian assonance Ed Cooke notes a review by George Brook of his recent co-authored book: Brooke on Book by Cook (et al.).

Stephen C. Carlson notes a new Jesus apocryphon: The Secret Sayings of Ye Su (Jesus)? As Stephen points out, it has "modern forgery" written all over it.

Torrey Seland notes a recent article in the Charlesworth Festschrift which deals, inter alia, with Philo's use of the bronze serpent passage in Numbers 21: 'Does a Serpent Give Life?'. Possible connections to the serpents in this ancient Judaic apocryphal scripture are not discussed.

Peter Williams at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog tells how to find images of Geniza Targum manuscripts.

Daniel Driver comments on Slate's "Blogging the Bible" project by David Plotz.

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