Thursday, July 06, 2006

THE MODEL OF SECOND TEMPLE JERUSALEM that was recently relocated to the Israel Museum gets a positive review from the Jerusalem Post:
Improved Second Temple model a natural fit for Israel Museum

It was as if a giant hand had picked up the breathtaking model of the Second Temple from Jerusalem's Holyland Hotel and plunked it a few kilometers north on the Hill of Tranquility of the Israel Museum's campus. But the 1/50 scale model, created by Hebrew University Prof. Michael Avi-Yonah more than 40 years ago, looks better than ever and perfectly suited to the site, which will undoubtedly be a drawing card for the museum.

The translocated 3-D model - commissioned by hotel owner Hans Kroch in memory of his son Jacob, who fell in the 1948 War of Independence - was dedicated and opened Wednesday night at an event hosted by museum director James Snyder.

The review in Haaretz was much more critical.

UPDATE: Ynet News also covers the story in a noncommital way.

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