Wednesday, September 12, 2007

THE JOURNAL OF SEMITIC STUDIES has a new issue out too (52.2, Autumn 2007). Table of contents (articles):
Meirav Tubul
Nouns with Double Plural Forms in Biblical Hebrew
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 189-210; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm001

Hélène Nutkowicz
Concerning the Verb SN' in Judaeo-Aramaic Contracts from Elephantine
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 211-225; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm002

Michael B. Shepherd
The Distribution of Verbal Forms in Biblical Aramaic
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 227-244; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm003

Matthew Morgenstern
On Some Non-Standard Spellings in the Aramaic Magic Bowls and their Linguistic Significance
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 245-277; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm004

Fred M. Donner
Quranic Furqan
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 279-300; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm005

R.P. Buckley
The Morphology and Significance of Some Imami Shi‘ite Traditions
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 301-334; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm006

Jonathan A.C. Brown
New Data on the Delateralization of Dad and its merger with Za’ in Classical Arabic: Contributions from Old South Arabic and the Earliest Islamic Texts on D / Z Minimal Pairs
J Semitic Studies 2007 52: 335-368; doi:10.1093/jss/fgm007
And there are lots of book reviews, many of which are also of interest. Have a look.

Abstracts are free, but you need a paid personal or institutional subscription to download the complete articles and book reviews.