Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 9th Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew (9. MICAH) will take place at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Germany), from Friday, 14 to Sunday 16 November, 2008.

You are invited to give a lecture, either a short paper (20 min plus 5 discussion) or a full lecture (45 min plus 10 discussion), as you please.

Topics cover the grammar and linguistics of Ancient and Classical Hebrew (Epigraphic and Biblical Hebrew, Qumran and related Hebrew, and Ben Sira), as well as studies of adjacent languages and epigraphy, for instance Ugaritic, Phoenician-Punic, Old and Imperial Aramaic, Moabite and Edomite. Also welcome are topics on general epigraphy, paleography, and general linguistics in connection with these languages.

Submitted paper topics will be arranged into special sessions, within the following areas:

Biblical Hebrew
Postbiblical Hebrew
Lexicography & Semantics
Epigraphy & Palaeography
General topics of Northwest Semitic paleography.

Conference languages are German, English, and French. As we wish to avoid parallel sessions, sessions will be deemed closed when the optimal number of proposed papers for each are accepted. For this reason, if you are considering participation, the earlier you send your proposal the better.

Postgraduates, or PhD. doctorate students are explicitly invited to present their projects where they might benefit from collegial discussions. Any one applying In this category, please indicate clearly your institution and supervisor.

For participation, we request a fee of 35 Euro, which is due on site. For those who present a paper, participation is free. Active students can request the suspension of fees and it might be granted depending on the availability of funds.

Please send paper proposals to the undersigned (lehmann@uni-mainz.de) and indicate the topic (preliminary or working title) and the preferred length of presentation.

While no formal pre-registration form is needed, for planning purposes, it is nevertheless important that we receive soon an email declaration of intent, at the above address.

We are not organizing travel or housing arrangements, but will gladly inform you on available lodging near the University. For all questions and concern please contact:

Dr. Reinhard G. Lehmann
Academic Director / Ancient Hebrew and NWS Languages
Research Unit on Ancient Hebrew and Epigraphy
Faculty of Protestant Theology
Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz
Tel. +49-6131-39-23284 (office)
Phone and fax +49-6132-799873
Email: lehmann@uni-mainz.de

In co-operation with:
Anna Zernecke (University of Mainz)
Johannes F. Diehl (University of Frankfurt)

We look forward to hosting you in Mainz next year.
(From the Canaanite list.)