Wednesday, July 09, 2008

VISION OF GABRIEL WATCH: Yesterday at the Jerusalem DSS conference Israel Knohl presented a paper on the Vision/Revelation of Gabriel, which generated lots more media attention:

A long and pretty good piece from Reuters: "Ancient text sheds light on Jewish-Christian links"

From the BBC: "Tablet stirs resurrection debate"

Some sensible commentary from the New York Sun: "Blurry 'Vision of Gabriel'"

The London Times gets the award for inflated headline of the week: "Dead Sea tablet 'casts doubt on death and resurrection of Jesus'" (Death too?)

A Catholic perspective from the CNA: "Scholars divided on interpretation of ‘Gabriel’s Revelation’ tablet"

A Southern Baptist perspective from the BP: "Archaeology & the Bible"

The Catholicism blog questions Knohl's agenda: "Shaking the Foundations of Christianity" (This would be a contender for inflated headline of the week if it weren't sarcasm.)

I think it's a pity that this story is overshadowing the Jerusalem conference. It would be nice to see some media attention to the papers that actually dealt with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Background here.

UPDATE (10 July): More here.