Sunday, July 06, 2008

DISNEY WORLD WATCH OUT! Phoenician theme parks seem to be all the rage:
Tunisia.. an exotic blend for all tastes
Philippa Clarke finds the magic of Africa - without the long haul flight
5/07/2008 (The Mirror)

The fine white sandy beaches of the North African coast are interrupted only by lemon trees and olive groves.

The clear water of calm, summer seas lap the shores, and there's a smell of jasmine on the warm breeze.

Visitors to Tunisia could be forgiven for thinking they had died and gone to heaven when they arrive here.


Hammamet has developed over the last 40 years from a tiny fishing village to a thriving holiday destination.

Known as the garden resort, it's surrounded by olive, orange and lemon groves and lines of cypress trees. The theme park Carthage Land, and Blue Ice, the only ice rink in the country, are a major attraction for families. From Hammamet south to Monastir there's a wealth of resorts, from quiet to lively, and modest to luxury with casinos, theme parks, golf and water sports.

My emphasis. More here. Cross file under "can't make it up."