Thursday, October 09, 2008

HADRIAN'S WALL has secured a large grant:
£4m centre to show off Hadrian’s Wall finds

(The Herald)

Hadrian's Wall and the National Maritime Museum in London have secured £9m funding, which will be used to transform the sites and improve the facilities for visitors.

Hadrian's Wall will use £4m to build an education centre and new galleries for displaying ancient artefacts in Northumberland.

The Vindolanda Trust, the archaeological body in charge of the project, will also release a collection of items which have never been displayed before.


At the centre of the planned display at Vindolanda will be examples of ancient writing tablets described by experts as "Britain's Dead Sea Scrolls".

For more on Hadrian, see here and keep following the links back. For more on Hadrian's Wall and on Vindolanda and the epigraphic discoveries there, see here.