Friday, October 17, 2008

NEW PUBLICATIONS from the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures. Ehud Ben Zvi e-mails:
Dear all,

I am glad to announce that the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures ( has recently published the following article:

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Volume 8: Article 20 (2008)

F. W. Dobbs-Allsopp, Psalm 133: A (Close) Reading


A close reading of Psalm 133, with special attention paid both to the words out of which the poem is literally made and to what happens in between and beyond those words, as well as what emerges because of them.

Those who wish to access this article directly may go to

In addition, the following reviews have been recently published:

Metso, Sariana, The Serek Texts (Companion to the Qumran Scrolls, 9; Library of Second Temple Texts, 62; London/New York: T & T Clark, 2007). Reviewed by Jean Duhaime)

Boda, Mark J., Daniel K. Falk, and Rodney A. Werline, eds. Seeking the Favor of God. Volume 1: The Origins of Penitential Prayer in Second Temple Judaism (SBL Early Judaism and its Literature, 21; Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2006). (Reviewed by Andrea K. Di Giovanni)

Kugel, James L., Prayers that Cite Scripture (Harvard University Center for Jewish Studies; Cambridge/London: Harvard University Press, 2006). (Reviewed by Andrea K. Di Giovanni)

Ben Zvi, Ehud, History, Literature and Theology in the Book of Chronicles (Bible World; London: Equinox, 2006). (Reviewed by Steven L. McKenzie)

Jacob, Benno, The First Book of the Bible: Genesis, Augmented Edition (Abridged, Edited and Translated by Ernest I. Jacob and Walter Jacob; Jersey City: KTAV Publishing House, 2007). (Reviewed by John Van Seters)

del Barco, Francisco Javier del Barco, Catálogo de manuscritos hebreos de la Comunidad de Madrid (3 vols., Literatura hispano-hebrea 5, 7 and 8; Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigationes Científicas, Instituto de Filología, 2003-06). (Reviewed by Colette Sirat)

To access the reviews directly please go to
I haven't keep track of this online journal very well, but I probably should.